Training buddy NEEDED

Hi There! I am looking for a training buddy for some company to ride with on Zwift (obviously). I am female and C grade, I like to cruise mostly and have a go on the mountain climbs and sprints. I train at 5.30 am AEST. If you are interested please reply! Thanks, PeeWee :grinning:

Hi @PeeWee_Kiwi welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m glad to see your invitation on the forum. 05:30 AM Australian Eastern time is 19:30 PM UTC, so I expect you’ll find people who’d be in the same training time zone, so to speak.

One thing that’d be handy for anyone who’d like to ride with you is to share the Zwift username you use on Zwift Companion because if you changed it after the initial setup, your in-game username is not necessarily the same as the one here on the forum.

Then once you follow each other in Zwift Companion, you can create a Meetup to ride in a private group. Have you tried the Meetups feature yet? Might be just the thing for your new friends!

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This is a awesome idea. It is always nice to ride with friends.

I rode with @Mike_Rowe_PBR using the meetup after we chatted here on the forum.

I almost thought we ride the same time but sadly Im in est.


Thanks for the thought Gerrie!