B rider for ZRL

America East time zone, looking for a team of fun people. Can make it most of the Tuesday’s.


Bump. I really don’t want to open a Facebook account just for this.

Perhaps this …

We have a team and use discord for team news and in-race chat. Great new team inspired by the Finnish concept of Sisu. Riders from all over the globe.

Let me know if you’re keen. We are thinking the Atlantic time zone. Does that work?


Thanks for sharing!

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Sorry I meant Americas East as the time zone

Hi! The guys on my team are organising one for that zone I believe and looking for B riders. Do you have messenger so I can link you two up? Do you have your zwiftpower profile is link also?


Hi Matt,

America East works for me. Count me in! You can find my ZP in the original post.

Hi - I can’t see the original post for your Zwift ID to add you.

Here it is: Zwift Power - Login
I’ve already joined the team on ZP.

What I need to register you for the team with WTRL is your Zwift ID.

If you google ‘locating Zwift ID’ it shows it’s location (providing a link isn’t allowed on the forum).

Unless I am missing it I can’t locate it on your Zwift Power profile.

Great that you’ve joined SISU on ZP!


Heres a link on how to locate ones Zwift ID:

Actually, the last number in the ZP profile link is the Zwift ID: 868911 :wink:

oh great - learnt something today!

I’ve added you which will generate a WTRL invite shortly. If you can e-mail me I will send you some more details and add you to our discord server (our team communication platform - super easy to use).

Team e-mail email removed per forum guidelines

Exciting and welcome!