ZRL and TTT racing

Hello Racers

Sisu Racing have the following team vacancies;

  • One spot available in our WTRL TTT roster. We alternate between time zones 13 and 1

  • Four spots available for the upcoming ZRL season (B Grade) in the Americas East time zone

You’ll find us on Strava by searching Sisu_Racing and Sisu Racing on Zwift Power.

Race On!


Are you on facebook, there are still regular posts from riders looking for ZRL teams.

Oh thank you! I’m not on FB but I’ll see if one of our other riders is and create a post. Thank you again.

I am a B rider in the America East zone. And a Finnish American so I know Sisu well. Are you still in need of riders?

Hi Alan

Great to connect. We have a spot on the roster for sure. We have six riders for round one but will ensure all team members race four of the eight rounds. Does that work for you?

We also race in the weekly TTT in time zone 13 - would you like to race this?

Please join us on Strava by searching Sisu_Racing and I will share the race passes.

A big Sisu welcome to you!


That works great. I’m on a Zone 14 TTT on Thursday now, but I will keep the zone 13 team in mind. The double may be tough…. I sent you a Facebook message too, or let me know if there is another way to communicate.