Looking for a TTT and ZRL Team?

Anyone looking to join a team for the weekly WTRL TTT and upcoming ZRL season?

Sisu Racing is welcoming riders of all categories for the TTT and B grade for ZRL.

Come join Sisu.


Hi Matt, do you have a website or team goals or anything?


Hi Dustin

We’ve created a Strava Group - if you search Sisu_Racing you will find us (can’t include link here).

The TTT is open to all category of riders so our target is 3.5 w/kg on the front and circa 2.8+ w/kg for riders that follow. Our goal is to place Top 20 in the Latte group.

In relation to the ZRL season we will develop targets and goals after we have filled all roles.

We have a discord chat for in-race talk and meet online 30 minutes prior to each race for a team warm-up and to finalise each race plan / tactics.

We currently have a team in Zone 1 of the weekly TTT and have our B grade team registered in the ATLANTIC time zone for ZRL. Ideally we’re able to achieve strong team numbers so that we can have a team across multiple time zones.

Our values are Integrity I Determination I Perseverance and Inner Strength and we have a TEAM FIRST mentality.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, Matt. That sounds awesome but unfortunately that time slot won’t work for me.

I’m new to all of this looking forward to these races. Good luck and thanks, again.


Good luck with your riding Dustin. What time zone is best for you? We may have a team in multiple time zones :slight_smile:

Americas East 6:30PM works best. If I was reading the chart correctly these races are every Tuesday night, correct? Should be a blast!


Yeah Americas East is Tue PM. That could work as we have three other riders keen for that time zone.

Let me know if you’re keen.

We’re now going to be racing the Americas East timezone starting 28 September if you’re keen.

Thanks, Matt. I will let you know!

  • Dustin

How you looking for ZRL in Americas East time zone - we have a few places available.


Hi Matt, I was able to find a team in my timezone. Thank you, I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work out.

Thanks, again!