Group rides / discord / beginner

Hi all! I am fairly new to cycling and super new to Zwifting. I’ve been exploring Zwift and would love to follow new Zwifters at my level (128 FTP)
I can create a discord channel for us newbies and we can encourage, motivate and support each other!
I hope through this, I can find training partners at my fitness level. Of course more veteran Zwifters are welcome too! If the feedback’s good here, I’ll create a Zwift discord and send an invite link here

There should already be group rides with discord setup for them already (most group rides will be by w/kg). You can find rides on the Facebook Zwift Riders group or within the Zwift Companion App, I think there is also a Zwift Events page also. You should have no issue joining one of the existing schedule Zwift rides, no need to reinvent the wheel.

Ohhh. I didnt know. Thank you. Ill check em out