How do you make friends on zwift


I’ve ridden about 1000km on zwift now, I’ve participated in a few events and I believe I’ve become fairly familiar with all the most important features. What I haven’t done yet is ridden with some people and done voice chat in discord at the same time.

Does anyone here have some tips on how I could meet some people that I could actually regularly ride with and chat with?

Thanks in advance

If you regularly ride the same group rides/races each week you’ll get to know the familiar faces - join in with the group chat and rest will form naturally. Can’t comment on Discord on how prevalent it is in Zwift. My feeling it’s not used by the majority of people but I await correction on that if I’m wrong.

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To become more social I recommend you seek out some social group rides. There are several groups that have multiple popular group rides each week. I will address HERD.
HERD does great group rides many times a week. If you look at an event on at the bottom the listing there are sometimes links to the social media associated with that group. At the bottom of a HERD ride listing it says,
“Join us on Discord during the ride: (Please use Push-To-Talk)
Check us out on Facebook:
So, join the ride, join the discord and check their fb page to increase your sociability.
Ride on.