Ride or Run with friends using Meetups

While riding solo is a fine way to train indoors, we encourage all members to discover the social side of Zwift. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, ride and run events offer a way to connect with people around the world who share your workout schedule and athletic abilities. Grow your social circle with a follow request.

“Meetups” allow 100 friends to create a private session in just a few minutes using the Zwift Companion app.

Invites can only be sent to your followers. So spread the word and tell your riding and running buddies to download Zwift Companion so you can all use Meetups. You can schedule your event up to 7 days in advance, and also repeat a past Meetup to keep the momentum going.

GPLama’s video shows you all the details. What’s “rubberbanding?” Should you allow late joins? How does chat work in a private Meetup? Watch this to see how things look for Meetup organizers and participants alike.

May 5 2020
Meetups just keep getting better! The latest Zwift Companion gives you access to these new Meetups features:

Higher Participant Capacity
We doubled Meetup capacity. Just a few short months ago, Meetups were capped at 50 people, now up to 100 can be invited to a single event.

Increased World Choices
Now you can link up with your group in six Zwift worlds—from Innsbruck, London, and New York to Richmond, Yorkshire, and Watopia.

Meetup-Only View
Hide other Zwifters from your in-game view. What exactly does this mean? Well, now you can ride or run in your selected world with just your Meetup crew for company. That’s right—you’ll only see the Zwifters that you care about.

Everyone in your Meetup must use version 3.14.0 or newer of the Zwift Companion app in order to see the latest enhancements


Any progress on late join?!? :slight_smile: