Increase max invite/riders on MeetUp!

Hello, in time of corona, we need changes to increase the social interaction through the zwift

  1. Is a good idea if we can invite much more than 50 players, maybe no limits for invite… because is close to impossible make a meetup with 50 using 50 invites…
  2. And second suggestion, but more difficult, is to increase the meetup max riders…
    in time of covid19, the number of players increased much and much… and the max invite/riders have to go with this increase…

Thanks, and please, upvote! we need this thing for yesterday!

Very nice Rafael! I think if we can make a Link to send to our friends on whatsapp and other social midia, will be very easy to make the meet up too.


Great suggestions, Rafael. :+1::+1::clap:


Awesome :+1:


Helps a lot!


Nice! Covid19 incrase number oficial user

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Upvote! :point_up: :point_up:


Nice, I want to see this now

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I love you Rafael s2

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i love you too bro!!

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I agree.

I was on a group ride this week with 1500+ people and it was awesome.

I’d sure like to have more than 50 pals in a meetup event.

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Boa sugestão!

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that’s great

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Totally agree! Both points

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good sugestion.

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Apoiado Rafael :fist_right::fist_left:

Good suggestion!

Meetup needs higher rider count allowed. I have been with Zwift since the second round of Beta way back in the beginning. I have emailed numerous times trying to set up ‘events’ over the years, gave up last year. Never got anywhere. Now I am told the doors are closed for new events. That stinks as I have referred a few riders to use Zwift and now we cannot hold the events we had hoped for. The Meetup function looks like it may have potential, but limited at 50 riders makes it very limited.
Who do I need to know to get in the door for scheduling events?

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Alo Zwift !!! escuta a gente !!! :wink:

Gostei da ideia :+1::+1::+1::+1: