Meetup's Invites & Audio

The recent Meetup improvements are good, but what I would really like to see is some major changes to the invite process. Making it easy to invite friends who I am not following. Also, what would be nice is to have some sort of built in audio channel available making the Meetup experience more effective.

Discord and Zoom are a couple options for group voice chats during a meetup.

I use Discord now for my meetups, but it would be a lot easier to have voice chat through the Zwift Companion. I find it difficult getting my fellow Zwift meetups to manage both companion and also Discord. Two into one, keep it simple.

This is a valid point. I find that I use the Companion App less the more I use Discord, simply because of the hassle of trying to go back and forth between the apps. You get my vote!

I agree. We really need more options for meetups. It is harder than it should be to ride together. I would like to see the following:

  • Option to late join meetups, no time limit. So many times someone misses the meetup then they have to press ride with and don’t have the chat.
  • Easier ways to create a meetup while riding, with options to remove all other riders so it’s just you and your meetup riders on the meetup.
  • Definitely need better maps for meetups. If a rider goes ahead they disappear off the map.
  • Option to join a friend mid ride without having to close and re-open. (Eg you have just finished a race but now want to ride with a mate for cool down), you should be able to select “ride with”and will be transferred to there position.
  • Options for meetup races.
  • Option to join another rider when you login, by join I mean to his workout or race if late join is still available (I mean not just ride along but be in the event) it needs to be clear what your friend is doing. This might be pushing it but a live vid (or even live map) of your friends on the companion app or when you log in to zwift with an option to join them would be amazing.
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I agree with everything you listed, but regarding “options to remove all other riders so it’s just you and your meetup riders”. With Zwifts recent updates, every Zwift Meetup created are now on their own individual closed course. So Meetup groups are no longer mixing it up with thousands of other riders.

I was thinking more of easy options to do this on the go, like straight after a race, then the other riders all disappear apart from your buddies and your transferred to the start of the meetup together with no other riders around. Maybe you can do this now after last update. Glad they have made a few changes now. Still room for improvement. I really hope zwift work on features and improvements like this first above new maps for a while.

Any news on Meetup updates? Would like to see

  • Race leaderboards
  • Invite more than just those who follow you
  • Group workout capabilities
  • Allow late join
  • Audio chat