Social Rides for singles

Just a thought, especially during this quarantine time where we are all staying in and riding our trainers a lot more! Many of us are single, many of us are looking for someone - how great would it be to have some social rides for singles. Maybe do some age group rides, or regions of the country / world? Not for anything, but dating apps SUCK, but Zwift could totally change this! Give a Ride on to someone interesting and see what happens!

What a wonderful idea! I noticed this post is many months old, was hoping there would be more interest in this. :slight_smile:

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Am I single as I don’t ride a tandem :grin::grin::grin:

I was hoping for more interest - I have no idea how to actually create a ride that people can join publicly! Maybe Zwift folks can help.

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Anyone know if anything came of this?

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Interesting, it doesn’t sound like this went too much further @Karen_Taylor1 . I think in this respect, creating a ride meetup for people is a good way to start this. Creating the meetup can be done right in the Companion App, but then the key would be to market the event via Social Media to pique interests. It could be beneficial to partner with a riding club on Zwift like the HERD. They would have a large audience and have folks who are used to organizing group rides (Unsure of their policies/rules/openness to public ideas for social rides, but couldn’t hurt to ask). I just started to do group rides on Zwift, but I would be willing to ask some questions and nose around a bit if there is more interest. Let me know, I think this is a great way to connect.