Meetup "Partner"

I like to ride based on distance and it’s nice to see the countdown and finish screen. The Meetup function fits the bill perfectly but you need to invite someone to create a Meetup. I was wondering if there was anyone willing to receive Meetup requests to allow me to do this (and if you actually wanted to ride that’d be great as well).

If you dont get any better offers, invite Anna Kolsik - she is one of the many wonderful promo people out there that people complained about a few months ago for promoting a website displaying her family photos. She is harmless and happy to receive your invites :thinking:

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Use a free email service (such as Gmail or maybe you have more than one email account already) to create a free trial Zwift account. It doesn’t have to be a paid member. You then log in to the new account and follow your real one and you should be able to invite your new account to join you on a ride.

LOL… big smile here :grin:

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Thanks Dean and Umi, I’ll try the 2nd email first. I was going to try that but figured it would have to be a paid account.

Hi David, you can invite me if you like. I’d like to be able to invite you occasionally as well.

I actually tried the 2nd email with an unpaid account and it works! But I’d be happy to be receive the invites. Did my first ride tonight using it and it worked great (other than the yellow arrow over your head, but I ride in 1st person anyway).

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