Meetups and links

Hi there! Can anyone tell me if it is possible to add a link in the message when creating a MeetUp? As far as I understand there is no such option. But I have seen active links at some group rides and meetups. Is that because Zwift grants it to someone on special occasions?

Thanks in advance,

All “events” will have a link which can be shared with other people for their attendance.

Meetups don’t do this, but invites are sent to those people in the companion app - they have to be following you first though.

Thanks! So far it is clear that I can invite only those who are following me. But am I right that I can not add , for example, discord link or telegram chat link in the message box, so those whos contacts I don’t have could click on the discord or telegram link and automatically join the voice chat?

At the moment the only option is put the hashtag with my discord name, right?

You can add a link when setting up the Meetup as a message - Not something that’s clickable though.

There is some beta testing with that, some clubs is testing it.

Aren’t those private events as opposed to meetups?

Oh, great news! !

And would be great if they made it possible also for leader to put ON/OFF stay together for KOM segments on MeetUps. It would make meetups more interesting , because there is always sever riders willing to fight for KOMs even it said that meetup will be easy ride :smiley:

Oh, sorry for mistakes :slight_smile: but i guess you got idea :slight_smile: