Clickable links in messages

could we have clickable links in messages in the companion app, as it would make joining things like discord servers easier

Adding my support! I find myself sharing links to route info on Zwift Insider during big events like Tour of Watopia, as so many folks seem to join without having done any route recon. Would be nice for them to be able to easily click the link instead of having to copy/paste.

I’m sure Zwift’s cybersecurity team, if they have one, would need to weigh in on a feature like this. I’m sure they don’t want to be involved in malware getting spread to users.


Yah, that’s a good point.

The main reason I suggested it, was I was in a small group ride the other night where it was decided to use a different discord channel, so the owner out the channel typed the link in, which of course was really of no use as you couldn’t click on it or even select it to copy and paste

Understand if links can’t be made clickable but could text be allowed to be selectable as an old fashioned copy paste work around?


That would certainly help :+1:

I didn’t even realize that copy/paste wasn’t possible, I’d just assumed that it was! No wonder people continue to ask questions about routes even after I share the link to the ZI route info :laughing: