Discord link for Meetup

So, I have made a meetup and a new discord channel just for the meetup. I have invited several people that I only communicate with through Zwift. I have put the link to the discord in the description of the meetup, but my problem is that you can’t click on it or highlight it in the description. So, my question is, how do I get them the discord link where they can simply click on it? Right now they can see it, but would have to actually type it one letter at a time.

Use a URL shortening service to give them a link that is pretty short to type. Although the Discord invite links are usually quite short anyway.

Hi @Dan_Korienek_ZHR_C, welcome to the forums!

At this time, the links are not “clickable” in meetups or in the chat for that matter. You will need to use a different form of messaging to communicate the discord link. Or, what Steve said.

Yes, it is pretty short anyway. I just know that if I couldn’t click on it or at least copy/paste it that I probably wouldn’t bother with it. I was hoping for a way to message them through Zwift.

Thanks for the response. I was hoping that I was just missing a way to message them, but it appears that no way exists.