Zwift Club - Discord link


we’ve created a zwift cloub and a discord channel and public link to be added to the club. Unfortunately, when adding the discord link to zwift, it says that they just accept discord links. But the link seems to be good, public and doesn’t expire. Does anyone have ideas what we are doing wrong or is zwift currently having issues here?

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I’m trying to add the discord link to my CycleStars club (that my junior riders can’t join, but that’s another issue).
It’s set to never expire, but it’s not being accepted.
What can I do?

what link are you using makes sure it’s exactly as given from discord

so should start https://

It is exactly as given. Cut and pasted.
https://discord dot com/invite/mrBFAjkdZG

is it not ?

try https://

I have already tried changing to .gg, as that was what was in the URL on the online help tool. I have tried with/without the http:// and the www. too.

Do you get any error. I just updated a club I have with your url seemed ok

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