Discord Sever for a Club

Is there someone who know the procedure how to implement a discord server in a club in order to be able to chat during the rides ?
Thanks in advance

When you create a club–or maybe when you edit it, after you create it–there’s a place to put a Discord link.

From Discord, create an invite link (make sure you set it to a non-expiring link!). Go to your server settings, the Invite People option, and at the bottom, edit the invite link. Choose ‘Never’ from the dropdown of when the link expires (otherwise, you’ll have to keep updating the link in your club). Then copy that link.

From your Club page in the Companion app, hit the triple dot menu, top left. Then select the Club Discord option. Paste in your invite link from Discord, and you’re all set. That link should show from your club’s home page.


To be clear, you need to run the discord app in tandem with Zwift to voice chat. Not sure if you thought it would all go through Zwift, it doesn’t. Each person will need to log into discord at the same time too.

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Yeah sorry, thought that was a given :slight_smile: But it probably needs to be said, there’s no integration. Just a way to publicly display the link for people to access.

And the Discord server has to be a Community server too, not a private one, for that link to be able to be set to ‘never expires’.

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Thanks for all the assistance :+1::muscle:.
I let you know of issues :upside_down_face:

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