Where do you advertise your Discord groups?

Right now I run a Discord group for young women (most, if not all, the group is under 30).

We’re always looking to add more people but the main thing I struggle is how to advertise my group? Is it possible for my group/club to make team events on Zwift so its more accessible to the greater audience?


Hey Emilia!

If you have a Club in Zwift, you can now add a Discord link within that.

It almost sounds like you’re working from the opposite: you have the Discord already and want to start a Club. If that’s the case, here’s more info on creating a Zwift Club: How to Create and Set Up a Zwift Club | Zwift Insider

You can edit the Club settings so members have to be approved, which would let you limit access to the people you’ve verified on Discord.

Further, in the Resource Wiki, we link to popular clubs. I’d be happy to add yours if/when you have links.

I should have said, we do have a Zwift club and our Discord is linked there as well but we’ve gotten no members that way.
I’d love my club to be added! What info do you need?

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Perfect! A quick blurb describing your club with a Discord link would be great. I’ll add a bullet to the Clubs section so people can find you.