I have the app. What server name do I add when on an individual ride? I have added one of the groups but not sure what I am missing for using the app in general.


Not sure what you’re saying Tom, can you elaborate?

Going out on a limb here.  Maybe the question is “Can discord be used while in a free ride mode, as in not a group ride or race”.  

If not, I would like to know as well.  :slight_smile:

You can use Discord even just sitting on your couch.  There is no direct or indirect tie in with Zwift.   If you want to chat with people you know while you are Zwifting but not in an organized group ride, you can create your own server within Discord.  Then share your server’s invitation code with your friends (or strangers, if you wish).

The Help Center on Discord’s web site has all sorts of fun information:

Ride on!

Thanks Phil