Zwift Group Ride - Single and Mingle

Although Zwift is a virtual environment, it is a much better way to get to know someone than the online dating apps. I had the idea (actually a friend did, but let me steal it because she is married) of having Zwift set up scheduled group rides for single people to meet other single people and at least make new friends if not potential partners. There can be rides for straight singles, gay singles, etc. There can be ones that fit different time zones as well, as I know there are a lot of Australian, Japanese, and Southeast Asian riders.

All would be welcome and we would follow very strict rules of non-predatory conduct - such conduct, if occurs, will be reported to Zwift and Zwift will then have the option of booting that person from these rides and/or from Zwift completely. This would be intended as a very friendly, cycling (maybe even running?) focused, way to meet people that have this fun activity in common which could then potentially move to offline conversations and meetups. I’m sure you all would have some great input to this, but does anyone else support this idea?

Full disclosure: I’m 59, male, and single (widower) and kind of fed up with the eDisHarmonys and NoMatch dot coms of the world.

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