Find people like me to ride with

When I log in to ride, it would be great if Zwift suggested riders who are also logged in and riding that historically ride at my w/kg, duration, etc. Basically, offer to match me up with people to ride with.

I see this more for the casual rider such as myself. I don’t think more organized groups is what I’m looking for here, because honestly I don’t set appointments to ride, and setting up groups is just to complicated… I wanna hop on, see others like me riding, and join them. I’d also like to be able to indicate to others they’re welcome to join, or opt out if I want to be left alone.

Another possibility is a “rolling group” that’s not so much of an advertised w/kg, but more comprised of riders of a certain w/kg (or ftp) level. People can come and go, and let the group happen organically. As a user, I’d like the ability to decide if I want to be a part of the group or not, and if I do, I enjoy all the benefit of the group without worrying about time, the start, etc etc.

I’ve been on Zwift since the beta days, and I’m not a hardcore cyclist. As such, finding others to ride with is strictly by chance and may only last a mile or so depending on the route at hand. I feel if this was a feature, I would ride longer each time, rider harder, and make some in-game friends, and as a result ride more often.

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I really like this idea. Like you, I’m a casual rider but I’m no where near at the level to be joining organised rides with the majority of riders on Zwift. I hope this gets implemented. 

Is a nice idea Chris, but there is the route problem. Zwift groups are exactly for people like you. Look for them on, or simply log in Zwift, search for a group ride in the next minutes (you can even join a already started group!) and start riding until the system recall you thatn in X minutes the group ride will start. 

To be coordinated, the more convenient is use some voice system lice TeamSpeak or Discord. Most Zwift group rides have this kind of voice coordination option and is awesome. 


yes, this! i’m a casual runner, and it’s tough to pick out people that run a similar pace.  Maybe i’m too new still, but the events are tough to sift through - I don’t want to take 15-30min preparing/searching. I just want to log on, enter my goal (ie: 5k @ 9:45pace), hit search and jump in with a group.

I like the idea of having a feature that would let a group form in real time. In other words, an invite would initiated by someone logging in and ready to ride with w/kg suggestions and others could see that group forming and after a few minutes the group could start. Seems very simple and solves all of the time zone issues.