Finding non competitive riders

Hey everyone,

I’m using zwift since Dec. 2016 and I’m having trouble to find ppl to ride with. Almost all of the group rides are much too fast or outside my timezone/during my working hours (Germany, can rid mo-fr from 6pm-9pm, su-so from 11am CET). I’m typically doing 1.7-2.2W/Kg average and can hold ~2.5 for uphill sections… sure, I can join an event and keep up putting everything in it but that’s not the best way to train :wink:

It would be great if someone knew a website/forum/facebook group where one could find similiar riders… I tried picking up ppl during my sessions but haven’t had much luck with that… I guess everyone is busy keeping up in the grouprides :wink:




Where are you?  time zone?  I’ve done some group rides, but dislike the fact that many people take off and leave the group. (why not join a harder group then?)

I try to stay with the ride moderator.  I’d like to ride with people (in my same league) as well.  Only to…


  1. schedule something so I feel  PUSHED to show up and exercise. Else I’m not driven to ride.

  2. Drive me a bit harder during my rides.  I’m 59 yr old -I tend to average about 20mph, or around 180 power level. Sometimes higher more often a bit lower. 170-180?

If you’re in this range say when.  I’m EST though. However I’m retired and can ride any time I’m up… usually between 11am and 7pm. EST.


Hey Ron, could be a fit, we should definitely try it.
I normally start riding at 5:30pm CET during the week, that should be 12:30pm your time. During the weekend I could start between 7am-1pm EST.

How about wednesday at 1pm EST? Sadly Zwift doesn’t offer a way to communicate outside the app (at least I haven’t found one).Are you on Strava? Try and find me, same name as here. It’s easier to send messages that way.

Anyone reading this is most welcome to join or to leave a message.

I’m 43 and normally I ride a MTB, more down then up the hill :wink: Zwift is a nice way to squeeze in some exercise without having to Plan for a 3-4 hour trip


Its been a month since I’ve been on.  (no drive no push… ) having someone expect me there would help. I’ll try to shoot for 12:30pm today. I think we have to friend each other and at the start we MUST pick same route/course.  Else one of us will turn off.



trying a search - I can’t find you (oh I see your name has a space after P.  ok found you. I’ll get on at 12:30pm that is one hour from now. 


Sorry Ron, I alreday did a ride today. Needed to get one in early. As I said, I’ll be on at wednesday 6:00pm CET… if I calculated that correctly from your last post that should be 12:00 noon your time? IÄll see if I can contact you inside zwift from mobile link now

That’s OK at least you got me on my bike ride today I’ll try again Wednesday at noon I need the push. Else I say maybe tomorrow

Hey Ron, did u get my message in strava?