Casual ride matchmaking

Would love to see a simple system of matching riders based on their desired pace/route/goal/etc.  There are relatively few casual rides (Class E, 1.5-2.0w/kg) on Zwift relative to races and I find most don’t line up with when I have time to ride.  It would be really nice to have a system when I can enter (for example) "I’d like to ride a certain type of route (flat, hilly, etc) at a X watts/kg pace at 6am US Pacific time tomorrow and have it post that “ask” so others can click on it and join me (just like they can do for a Zwift event). Seems like a fairly easy functionality that doesn’t involve changes to the game and can work with the existing “ride with a friend” system.

I can see gaining regular riding friends through this and thereby solidifying my connection to Zwift.

I’d love to see this.  I’m new to zwift and A casual ride for me comes in at around 1.6w/kg.  At 2+, I’m hanging on, maxing out.  Most group rides are 2+ or they’re not at a time when I can do them.


I’ts kinda like online shooters. You can join a slot for a specific w/kg and then when there ar e enough players, it starts a group ride. Whn i want to ride, i don’t like to wait u until there starts a group ride an hour later, this would make it so more flexible.


Hi everyone I’m looking for a riding partner tomorrow 11: 30 am UK time

I agree with something like this fully, i am very much the same where i use zwift for causal rides to get the miles in and keep fit, no to race or particulary focus on improving anything, if i want to i choose a workout for that. However something like what the OP has suggested would be amazing, most of the group rides are either not always at the right time for me to take part, of they just ride of at a pace that isnt what it should of been, for example a 1-2 w/kg ride turns into a full on race at 3-4 w/kg and it ruins zwift itself riding alone as it soon gets boring!