Similar ability group ride/runs


3 month user here and still getting to know the program. I see that the amount of data Zwift has is mind blowing. I understand that I can enter events with people who have similar abilities but wonder if it can be narrowed down more?

For example, riding with an avg. of 2.8 w/kg puts me in Cat C, where I get my butt handed to me on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could enter a race with other races who rode 2.8 w/kg ONLY?

Is this something that Zwift does? Is there a way for me to ‘find’ similar ability riders so that I can schedule a Meet-Up?

Yes, look for group rides, not races, that have a specific w/kg range that will be around 2.8 w/kg.

Join some group rides and chat with the people around you, make friends, follow them, then organize a meetup. I think facebook groups is another good resource for this, but I don’t use facebook so I don’t really know.

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Yes, ability/results rankings would be nice.

In a group start /mass start race, after the first few minutes, you are surrounded by people traveling a similar speed.
They may not (probably are not) putting out a similar effort.
You never know if the other rider is on the verge of collapse or just cruising.
But they don’t know either.
You have to race within your self and know your limits.
Train to push your envelope but don’t try to ride hard/ train hard every day or you will hit a wall.

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Problem with the stated w/kg for group rides is that they depend on the group leaders weight. This other day I wanted a really mellow recovery ride so picked a 1.5 to 2 ride on Tik Tok. Group lead did 1.78 @100kg. I ended up doing 2.27@80kg in the bunch the whole time. Which turned out perfect for me. But imagine a lighter person at 60kg would have needed to push close to 1w/kg over the stated.

It would be helpful if group rides and pace partners posted W/KG and estimated total watts.
I’ve always wondered why it’s not so.