How to find riders with a similar FTP?


I’m very new to Zwift, and cycling in general. I have ridden on Zwift for the last 7 weeks, and in that time have been assigned an FTP.

Is it possible for me to find other riders with a similar FTP to myself some how, and then ride with them? I had a lot of fun in todays group ride on the tour of watopia but had some technical issues. I’d love to ride with a big (but maybe not that big) group again, but don’t want to get dropped within first 5k.

Any help appreciated, and hello :slight_smile:


There are groups rides every day to choose from that run the gamut from D riders to A riders. To determine what level of rider you belong to, take you FTP and divide it by your weight in kilograms to get your watts/kilo.

That will allow you to choose group rides and races at your appropriate level. You also have to take into account that when a ride is advertised at a given watts per kilogram, it may not translate exactly for you because the ride leader’s weight and power will probably be different, so their 2.2 w/kg may be too easy for you, or vice versa.

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Yes. As above. Get into group rides of the W/kg that interests you. Most of the riders will ride together in a big group.

Thanks both. I still don’t feel hugely comfortable yet joining a group. I’ve never ridden with a group in real life, so from that perspective I don’t know what to expect. I guess I’ll stick with free rides / solo rides until I feel more confident.

RIDE in a GROUP RIDE. choose a Yellow D ride to start with. you will easily keep up. If you dont then what is any different from riding solo! you are making complete Zero sense with your argument. you cannot crash - so what is the problem?

I’m not arguing nor seeking to argue. I don’t understand your hostility.


Come join some group rides, Start with a “D” ride, look at the ride description and calculate in what zone you will be at X w/kg, Group rides should be in your Blue/Green zone. It is a lot of fun. Search for the TeamZF rides they are good for beginners.

Hi ! Same issue as Gerry ( and I have been on Zwift for 2 years AND have done actual “real life” group rides ! ) I really do not understand how they work on Zwift. Tried once and was blown off at the start and have not tried again…

The experience of finding suitable group rides in Zwift in not easy, especially if you are looking for lower power levels.

I’ll expand on Gerrie’s advice by saying go to

Then click the More Filters and Search button, bottom left of screen.

Then click Event type, Ride. Day(s) whenever you want. Group, D

In the results you’ll see what’s available if you then click on the various events to see what the perscribed w/kg will be. An example of what’s available tomorrow in some lower w/kg is below.

It would be great if either Zwift or Zwifthacks enabled the ability to find group rides based on a specific w/kg criteria but as far as I know that functionality does not exist. Hope that helps you find some suitable group rides.