Need a way to pick my "ride type" when I log in

It seems there are already multiple posts that cover this topic in different ways, but I see the same problems in Zwift that I see with normal road riding. It doesn’t work to just jump on the bike and hope you’ll run into people that want to ride the same way you do. Fitness is just part of this and I don’t think grouping people strictly by w/kg is the answer. Some of the grouping could be done based on new settings in your profile and some could be done based on asking a few questions at the start of a session. Some days, I might want to jump into a group ride with stronger riders where I’ll be holding on for dear life and I expect to be dropped. Other days, I might want to ride solo and just do some easy endurance or tempo.

You could spice this up with scheduled group rides, starting at the local island bike shop at different times of day. Even if you can’t make the start, you could jump in on lap x when it’s convenient.

I’ve only been on Zwift a few times and I think the core technology is great. The #1 thing I’d like to see is a better way to pick my type of ride when I sign in.

I think some kind of coffee shop would be great. You could load up Zwift and go to the coffee shop and post when you intend to ride allowing others to start at the same time.
Also I think when you click on someones name on the side of the screen it would be good to have a small ride description. Maybe type, interval, steady,etc. with maybe your estimate watts.
There could be a board in the coffe shop showing all the current riders with their ride data which would allow you to maybe jump onto their ride also.
Plenty of scope with this idea.

It would be good to be able to have some kind of holding area that riders can spin away whilst waiting to start a group ride or race. Once everyone is ready to start they can all head off together.