Let Me Join Riders at My Level

(Bill Pritchett) #1

I’d like for Zwift to give me an option when I start riding that would let me join others at my level.  Zwift has our stats and knows how fast we each ride, so it seems like it should be easy for them to allow us to join riders who are at our fitness level.  Then, we could all push and challenge each other from the beginning of our ride.

(Paul Allen) #2

There are group rides within Zwift that state what the proposed power level and or speed will be, you could find one of those and try it out. 

(Spencer Munson) #3

Perhaps, eventually Zwift would allow riders to choose a social and/or competitive tag and a preferred w/kg allowing others to find like riders and form on-the-go group rides/races.  This could be listed at the intro screen next to everyone’s name along with a sort feature.  This would be pretty sweet, because as awesome as the event module is, group rides/races don’t always line up with everyone’s schedule.