Any sub 1w/kg riders out there

I’m new to Zwift (and old, fat and out of shape) looking for people to ride with. I tried the HERD 1-1.5w/kw today but everyone took off at 2+w/kw, I got dropped immediately and couldn’t catch up. I’ve also tried Diesel Dan but he is too much for me.

Anyone looking to partner up for a nice, easy, flat, 10k ride at a .5 - .8w/kw, let me know. Not sure how to setup a group ride? I guess we could follow each other?

I’m planning on Sunday at 11am (US Eastern)

If you can’t find what you are looking for I don’t think anyone will get upset if you modify your height and weight so that you can keep up and improve your experience.


Hi Billy,
Great to hear you’re throwing yourself into Zwift and I’m sorry to hear the Herd ride didn’t work out.

There’s another Zwift function which should work for you - group workouts. When you do a workout on Zwift the workout automatically adapts to your regular power output (FTP) so it feels no harder for you than for someone who produces twice your power. When you do a GROUP workout, there’s an invisible “rubber band” which holds everyone together no matter what their power - as long as you keep pedalling you stay in the group.

Here’s a good explanation of group workouts:

At 11am EST today, there’s a Zwift Academy group workout, and it’s a sprint workout, which involves very light riding in between really hard sprint efforts, so that might be worth trying. The Zwift Academy is a series of workouts which is designed to help any of us improve over 8 weeks. Sign up and give it a try - you’ve got nothing to lose!

If you’d like to ride with more people in “free riding” mode then, as MissT said, you can change your stats to go faster - Zwift tries to simulate what speed you’d go at your weight and height in real life, but you can tell it you’re lighter and you’ll go faster. This would be a bit like using an e-bike in real life.