Group Workouts

I have completed a few group workouts now, its made a welcome change from lonely intervals and isn’t as cut throat as races!

Do have some questions / suggestions about them though! Hope somebody can shed some light!

The average speed of the workout seems way out… I know that the idea is to group both slow and fast riders together but the average speed just feels off. This has really put me off jumping back into these workouts, and although Its just a number the distance does seem to mean something! Not sure how this is calculated but maybe take the avg power then offset it somehow relating to the fastest percentage of riders in the group or something to just make is more reasonable.

My other point / question is how is about how your avatar is positioned in the group? Once again I know its not a race at all and its all about the workout but when I am mid pack at 4.5 w/kg with people at 2.5w/kg and 1.5 w/kg it does grind you down! Can the group not be organised with the highest w/kg front to back? I tried everything to get to the front but my power output never seemed to make a difference and I just couldn’t get above 10th or so even though my w/kg is above the other riders.

I feel the second point relates to the first as-well as with the faster riders at the front pulling the group along you could justify the slowest of the bunch getting higher avg speed/distance than when completing solo rides.

Hope you can provide some feedback or take it on board as I have been enjoying these group workouts and do want to keep using them! Just love those miles to much unfortunately!