Group workout speed now too slow

Zwift recently lowered the speed that the combined group would go in during a group workout. I’m now finding it really slow. Really weird to be putting out 300watts on 2% gradient and only moving at 5km/h. My avatar looks like it’s riding through sand / mud.

I accept that it was too fast before but now they’ve gone the other way and it’s far too slow. Yesterday’s 2 x 15min FTP group workout had me only cover 23km in 55 minutes. Jungle route. I would expect about 28km for the time and course profile and riding in a group.

Totally agree. Not worth my effort if Im being shortchanged on distance. 

Have to agree, 20km in an hour is ridiculous, I’d do 33km just easily cruising by myself and 42-43km in a bunch ride in an hour

Agree, and it’s putting me off riding them as I don’t have time to hit my weekly / annual KM targets if I ride group workouts. Quit a group workout last night, mainly for that reason, and was rewarded with a KOM jersey instead!