Speed/Distance in Group Workouts


I’ve noticed that the speed of the riders in Group Workouts has gotten fairly off of what I typically would expect when riding around the worlds of Zwift. Some times there are periods where myself/other riders are travelling at a speed of 4 or 5mph. This period normally passes after 20 seconds or so, but if does happen multiple times during one group workout. As a result, the distance traveled during the workout is no where near what I would expect after riding for ~60 minutes. Is it possible to have riders in the Group Workout go as fast as the fastest rider? Or maybe the average of what everyone’s actual individual speeds would be? This isn’t really that big of a deal, but is a little frustrating/annoying when tracking distance covered over a week/month/year.

Thank you so much for developing such a great working application, though! I tell everyone I know about Zwift and will be a lifelong subscriber!

  • Chris

I agree.  It is a good application for a workout.  Similar to a spin class in which everyone is together but works at their own pace.  That being said ,  the distance/speed numbers I see at the completion of the workout look bogus for lack of a better description.  It must somehow have to do with the rubberbanding. I have no idea how the algorithm computes the average speed of the group.  In general it does speed up on the downhill and slow on the uphill but not by the amounts one would predict.  I have submitted a ticket to see if anyone can answer this question.  Thanks.  

Agree with all the above. Did a group workout where at times the group (and thus myself) were averaging 10 mph at a w/kg and total watt output that would *easily* be 15 mph; probably closer to 17 or 18. The total distance recorded for 40 minutes was less than 9 miles (on relatively flat terrain)! In addition to that, my additional miles after the group workout were not counted/logged at all when it showed up on my Zwift Dashboard. On top of all that, it did not feed to Strava at all.