Group Workout Speed

I did my first Group Workout last night, Tempo with 30-second Spikes, and, although I found being in a group and the banter motivating, the kilometres I ended up logging (22km for 55mins at 260W average at 80kg) were a bit disappointing compared to doing a workout solo.

I understand that the group is kept together at the same speed but surely it would be more motivating for all if the group’s speed was based on the strongest rider/s?

I just completed a group workout this morning and it looks to have undercounted my miles by about 50 percent. To get a rough estimate of ‘unadjusted’ miles, I counted my laps around the course (Jungle Loop) plus the lead in, and got 19.28 versus the 13 showing on the ride report. Probably not exact but it sounds about right based on my normal pacing.

If I can do that manually, why can’t Zwift Include an ‘equivalent miles’ box in the post-workout feedback? It’s not that hard.

Is there something I’m not thinking of though?

Just remember, distance covered doesn’t matter in a workout, you get XP by successfully completing the blocks in the workout (those stars next to each block of work) and it is based on time spent in specific effort zones.

I don’t really like the rubber band effect, so I don’t bother with group workouts. Even though the distance doesn’t count for XP in a workout, I still feel better if I’m travelling the expected amount of distance, and my monthly distance goal is also a metric I use.

Distance tracking in erg workouts is meaningless. Changing which gear you do the workout on changes the distance, while keeping the workout exactly the same otherwise.