Riding with buddies in Zwift

How is this possible? Joining a group training I can locate friends joined, but we would like to train and compete just us.

Thank you in advance


It’s really simple, you arrange with your friends (via text message or whatever you like) to meet them at the start banner at whatever time, then you ride together. Easy :D. Make sure you add them as friends in the Zwift app to make them easier to find.

I think OP means to filter out other riders from the dashboard and elevation map. I would like to see a feature like that. Ideally there would be an official group ride feature and it would either be private or open. When you join the ride, your view filters out other riders on the course not part of your group. You would still be on the same course, same interactions (drafting), but the KOMs, sprints, etc. would only count the riders of that specific group ride.

@Mark: Thanks for the information. Had I not known about the Zwift app, I would not have been able to follow my friend. That said, this feature should be available:

  1. Within the Zwift PC program itself (at minimum with friend list management, text messaging, etc.)

  2. Also available within the web interface

Certain functions should not be only available in the mobile app and vice versa. Additionally, Zwift should enhance their app so people can just use the app if they want to ride in Zwift (without requiring a PC).

I do enjoy Zwift and where the team here is taking it, but the program definitely still needs a lot of work.

Love Zwift but find it difficult to find and ride with a buddy especially in a large group. There appears to be a limited banding effect when you first enter. I suggest extending that period for a minute or two so you can sync up properly account for lag etc. also it would be nice if your ridding buddies info was always available and slightly different colored I would rather know if someone I was following on Zwift was 3 seconds ahead or behind than 30 strangers.