how to ride with a friend?

Maybe this should be obvious…but I cannot figure out how to ride with a friend.  The two of us set up two trainers side-by side and figured we could both launch Zwift independently and search for each other… I see find friend on the display but cannot figure out how to select friends.   we were not listed on each others listing of riders.   and when we started we were randomly dropped into different rides.   tried again with a workout but no more luck.   what am I missing?

I would also like to know how to do this as my wife and I currently share the same turbo but we are looking to purchase a second so we can train together. Do you run the 2nd user on the same PC or separately?

You certainly need 2 pc’s (and dongles).

As to riding together: theoretically one should log in, and enter the ride. Then the other rider should be able to choose “ride with” and click on their friends name. This should dump you into the game near your friend. Practically this is somewhat difficult, as there is no search function, and with almost 1000 riders on, it might be difficult to find your friend.

Everyone is on the same circuit though, so it should be not to difficult to meet somewhere… Might be handy to choose the same route preference when asked (flat route, hilly route, UCI circuit…)

I agree.  One needs to login first.  The other does the “ride with”.  Choose the same route.  When I ride with my husband, his name is on the top of the list and I believe this is because we follow each other on the Zwift app.


I finally found the friend who i wanted to ride with.  we followed the Zwift insturctions as Lynette mentions above… but he does not appear at the beginning of thte rider list.  in fact he doesn;t appear at all.   we tried everything.   he started a ride.   I launched the same ride…not there.   stopped the ride and looked after logging in, but before start the same Richmond course…what am I missing?  

its obvious that zwift is for SOCIAL networking via cycling…so why don’t they enable social contact virtually?

picked the same ride as my friend.   the richmond course.   mine started at night.  his started in day.   he was not at the top of the rider list even though being followed (and he following me).   what am i doing wrong?

I rode with a friend today and it took us almost an hour to finally get dropped in together on the course. n We were texting back and forth, sending screen shots, the whole 9 yards.  When you are distracted with all that stuff the ride isn’t as intense either.   We were on the same course but different parts, and with the turns it made it hard to find each other.  It wasn’t as easy as Lynette’s experience.  David, you’re right, it seems that they would be more user friendly for this type of set up.   I think something is in the works to make it more search friendly for this type of issue. 

This feature is buggy. Couldn’t get it to work for me. Quite frustrating.

I use this feature all the time. If your friend is already riding have them stop on the side of the road. When you click their name and ride with you should appear next to your friend. If they keep riding they will be down the road before you get starting.   Also check your date and time on your computer. Make sure it is right/accurate.

The ride with a friend is much better than a year ago… but still a bit tricky.  as the comment above, your friend must start a ride, and you must be following them (as in FOLLOW by selecting them in the MobileLink app).  Both of you logging in isn’t enough.   One of you must start a ride…but sit there and don’t actually turn the pedals.  The second friend should then see the other when they login and are at the select ride screen.   the friend should be at the top of the leaderboard in a highlighted color.  

What would be nice would be a unique shading of the names of riders linked together.  The font is small and while concentrating on riding its often difficult to see the friends name in the leadboard…if you get separated it can be hard to rejoin each other.   that too would be nice feature… “REJOIN YOUR FIREND”  could transport you back to you buddy to make up lost ground, etc.


Christ, you’d think that a SOCIAL app would have thought this out better… sheesh


I have gone through all this myself and still have not figured it out? Friends name does not appear riders lists even though we follow each other on the mobile app? Is riding with a friend possible in trial versions? Because I am not spending the sub if its this complicated and buggy to train with a friend?

I also don’t see a video on this?

1 day left on trial version


Can we have some clarification from Zwift people on this please (do they read these comments?) I am looking to buy a second smart trainer, Ant+ and another tablet so that my partner and I can ride together on Zwift, I don’t want all this financial outlay if this is not guaranteed to work and easy and simple to do ?

Couldn’t agree more - they need to work out the bugs in this program and make it more user friendly. I wish they would have an active map so I can see my position on the route

I don’t think they read the comments nor do I think they have the support staff required to cope with the demand. I sent 3 mails to support saying I would sign up for a premium account if they provided me with the support needed so I could ride with a friend. This was over two weeks ago. Zero replies. I sent a further mail when I got the “You did not sign up after your trial version” why? our expert support team will reply. NO THEY WILL NOT. Pity but might return to this is a few years when they have the bugs ironed out :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how having difficulty riding with a friend would be a deal break for using Zwift.

Hi Paul,

Its a deal breaker because its the main reason why we both tried Zwift. I can ride socially with my own club but this friend is in a different part of the world. In trying to resolve this issue I have yet to be contacted by Support so until they can support this feature as advertised I just don’t see the point in paying them 120 squid.


I agree with Paul, how do we do it in real life we agree to meet each other at a certain point and time. once we are at the same location at the same time we start riding, when we get to an intersection one will take the lead and the other will follow.


In real life if you had the chance to teleport to a meeting location and ride from there, would you take it? Besides Zwift does not always put you cycling the same direction and it gets very frustrating to find someone. Plus its a promoted feature of the course?

I share your frustration. New to zwift,  i have done a couple of rides and got my brother who cycles and lives in a different part of the uk to sign up too. We are planning to ride together tomorrow but i thought it would be much easier than this to meet up. 

Going to give it a whirl and have added him on the mobile link although we both have Mac’s and i’m not sure if it will work. 

I’ll let you know.

Come on zwift… use some of the $$ to improve the social side.