ride with feature

the ride with “john”  feature is a great addition, but you should also be locked into the same course “john” selected as well.  when you click ride with, you do not know what course he has selected, and many times i went to ride with a friend just to loose them at the first turn.

“Join” should certainly work that way!   Good shout Mike.   KC

I agree and this should a really easy thing to implement.

Just ask your “friend John” what route he will be riding select the route and then select to ride with him.

should be easy to do?.. I think if it was easy low hanging fruits Zwift would jump on it and make it happen, some things just take more time. 

asking ahead of time is assuming you planned to do this rather than logging in and just seeing a friend of yours is riding


For now, this is our option to do a work around. 

I have the zwifthack.com map on my pc so I can see my friends and if we get separated we can make u turns to meet up again. or use zwiftgps.com

I did not try to be funny.


Also add the “rubber banding” option so that riders can stay together on course yet workout at different power levels.