Being able to ride with friend without exiting

Really annoying that you can only ride with a friend when logging on. If I’m already riding and a friend joins zwift the only way to ride with them is to stop, save your ride, shut down zwift then log back in.


Someday, when I see a friend in Zwift, I’ll let you know how it goes. It is like a needle in the haystack, if you ask me.

I know that one time I had a follower riding and it did not show up in my ZML. I agree with your post about it would be nice if it was easier.

This would be great.

I like this idea.  I wish Mobile Link would show ALL riders I know on the list, rather than only those that are near me.  If I click on one of them, I should have the ability to jump right to where they are on the course and start riding with them.  That feature would also be useful when you’re already riding with a friend and then get separated in a crowd or because one of you had to take a quick break.

Great idea Bill!!