Ride with other zwifters without meetup

I found sources claiming that I can ride with a friend (another zwifter) without setting up a meetup.
The main menue (where you can click “Ride” or “Fahren” shows the choice “Zusammen mit einem anderen Zwifter” (Together with another Zwifter), but the list shows ALL Zwifters currently riding. Too many to scroll down to find my fríend.
Is there any solution? I would appreciate guidance.

Hi @Bininbru_Wo

If your friend is one of your favorites they will be shown in the top and in Blue.


Thank you very much Gerrie. This was the important hint which eventually helped me to solve the issue. It took me however still some tries with a friend to find the right sequence of actions:

  1. Mark the friend as being followed
  2. Then mark him as a favorite (took some tries to find that star on the top)
  3. Agree with the friend on the world and the track
  4. Friend starts riding (without pedalling however, just to be in the world); I myself have not started riding yet, otherwise I would not see my friend in the menue as you show above)
  5. Wait some time until the data have been processed in the system (data latency). And then he pops up as you show above.

Thanks again