Link to companion rider or friend

How does one locate a “friend” or companion rider to ride with?

If someone you follow is already Zwifting, you should see an option to ‘Join’ them from the main screen where you select worlds and routes. Alternatively, you can set up a Meetup with one, or more, other friend for a specified time in the future.

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can you not click on some other nearby rider and join with them?

You cannot. If you want to join a rider you have to do so from the main screen. And your only choices there are riders you follow who are presently Zwifting, or a Pace Partner.

So, as being a “newbie” here, obviously!, how does this “freinding” happen?

Good question. Perhaps there are multiple methods, but the only method I have ever used is to look someone up (generally someone I know IRL) through the Find Zwifters menu in the Zwift Companion app. It is also possible, though, to use the ‘Zwifters Nearby’ option at the bottom of the Companion app screen (while in a ride) and click on any of the names. Then their profile will pop up (which is sometimes private) and you can click on the icon in (I think) the upper right corner to ‘follow’ them (or request to follow, if they have a private profile). Technically speaking, you don’t have ‘friends’ on Zwift; you have followers, and people you are following (which are two entirely separate lists of people).

Thanks for info. I spent some time reading up on many of these finer details today and have a slightly better understanding of Zwifting.


You should also check out for some good information, and look for GPLama on YouTube.


I found a list of ALL current routes. Now, how do I select from one of them? If I click on my Zwift icon on my PC, its takes me to the loggin screen from which I have it seems only a few routes to choose from. and then “RIDE”!


When you get to the world selection screen there should be three tabs in the top-middle where you would select which ‘world’ you want to ride in. Once you do that there should be an area just below that where you select which route. Whichever one you rode last should be selected, but if you highlight that and press enter (or however it works on a PC/Mac) you should get a pop-up with a listing of all the routes in that world. From there you just scroll up/down until the one you want to ride is highlighted, then select click go/enter

Thank you.

One more thing. Is there a way to acknowledge the “hands” that other people give towards you? I just thought of recognition of thanks.

Can I use pc for zwiftcompanion?

No, it’s an app for ios / android