How to view / ride along with another rider when not riding?

There are some older threads about this, but it seems the app has changed. Is there a way for me to ride along with someone else when I am not riding? I know there is a “just watch” option, but that doesn’t really help me when it comes to locating a rider and watching them. My girlfriend and I live 2 hours apart, and it would be nice if I could ride along with her and message her when I am not riding. Thanks.

The only way I know of is for you to also start Zwift. Then select your mate’s name in the ‘join rider’ list and click on ‘ride’. When Zwift puts you into the game (you don’t actually have to be riding) you should be close enough to your mate that you will see her name in the riders nearby list on the right side of the screen. Then just click on her name and select ‘fan view’. Your avatar will, effectively, just stop at the side of the road while you continue to follow along with her ride on your screen. When you’re done just select the ‘back to me’ option and end your ride as normal, except select the trash can instead of ‘save ride’ option

This is clearly not elegant, but it should work.


@Nigel_Tufnel is corect.

One thing to add if you are in game, you can open the companion app find her and you can select fan view, that way you don’t have to search in the rider nearby list or even be close to her.

Sometimes I feel like figuring out this app and companion app should be a university-level class. They both definitely need an overhaul to make them more user-friendly and intuitive. Very little is obvious…

I do not get a “fan view” option when I select her, when she is riding. Just a “request meetup” button.

To get fan view you also have to have the Zwift App open and riding or standing next to the road and your companion app need to be on the same wifi network.


This was covered last semester in Zwift 101 at the University of Annoying UI, you must have been sick that day. :rofl: