Advertise or place an invite for your group ride (not a race) here?

I am thinking if Zwift could place a section on the main page of this section it would be ideal but since I do not think this blog will allow that maybe you can watch for this post and see who is riding or making invites for ride time that are meant to be group rides rather than races.  It could even be that you post a watts/ kg target for the group so riders can stick together?   The options are endless, I could even see some form of structure where people could do the challenges then soft pedal to regroup? or a ride leader could change pace and keep it interesting for the group to keep up with again no drop rules similar to club rides.  Just a thought I have not seen structured here yet.



If you haven’t already, join the Zwift Riders section on Facebook or join the Zwift club on Strava. Rides are often posted there. For example I have joined up for the weekend rides at 8am Eastern time with a very nice group that is not competitive and doesn’t let anyone get dropped - for long at least.

thanks, this looks like an option.  How does Teamspeak work for in ride voice communication?  If I understand correctly if is free to use in this manner?


I’m not sure. One of the riders in the Saturday group suggested using it. The group tends to just use the messaging function in Zwift. I have my keyboard set up on my Park bike repair stand next to my handlebars. Some use a phone app . I am reluctant to be part of a voice communicator. I prefer to listen to my selection of ride music rather than chit chat during a trainer ride. Maybe because I’m old school.

I also enjoy riding with plenty of loud music playing and the odd message is fine for me.