I came up with another way to organize group rides...

(Joe Kipfer) #1

I started virtualgrouprides.com, just playing around to see if this will work better for now as far as getting together for rides. When you sign up to the forum I’ve included forms to put in your last known FTP and your Avg FTP Watts per Kilo, so you can match up with riders of equivalent fitness if you’d like. Anyway, in the long run I’m sure zwift will have something similar, but I know they’re hard at work on more important things, so until then I hope this helps.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #2

Joe, this is an EXCELLENT idea !!! Thanks for setting this up. I already posted a century ride for this coming Saturday

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #3

virtualgrouprides.com … check it out !!!

(anon18154799) #4

Pretty awesome, Joe. Thanks.

(Greg Costigan) #5

Thanks Joe! What a fantastic idea. I really like the ftp aspect, it gives people an idea on if they would be able to keep up before agreeing to join the ride.

(Greg Woitzik) #6

Nice, Great Idea!

(Cason Garner) #7

Very nice! I will register there.

(Torjus Bern Hansen) #8

Great idea!!

(Peter McIntyre - ZBR) #9

Thanks for setting this up! I’m keen to try organizing a ride ASAP with a descriptor like: 1 hour ride starting at 6pm EST. Trying for a “C” ride at about 2.8 w/kg on the climbs and about 2.2 on the flats. Wear bumble bee jersey (T on the keyboard shortcuts ). Try to regroup at the town.