Organizing a Group Ride

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

Might be fun to organize a group ride. Weather looks to be bad here in the Washington, DC area on Sunday with 25mph wind. Sounds like a good day for a trainer spin. How about Sunday morning maybe 10amish, New York time (EST)?

I’m open to earlier or later depending on how many people we can get. Would be awesome to have some of the Europeans involved to make it an international event! Again, flexible on the start time.

First virtual group ride in history, maybe!

If you’re interested in joining post here. Let me know if the time works for you. We can adjust based on response.

(S Schofield) #2

hi therefrom the UK. That’s 2 pm here and it would suit me great. lam riding pretty had the day before outside, so perhaps recovery pace, with a few efforts?

(anon18154799) #3

I am down with a recovery pace with maybe a go for the sprint/KOM points followed by regroup. I think 10 will work for me.

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #4

I should be good for it! Thanks for starting this up, Greg. :slight_smile:

(Eric Min) #5

I’m also based in the UK. I’m generally available after 9PM GMT Mon thru Fri. Count me in for 60-90 min rides.

Looking forward to it!

(S Schofield) #6

See you Sunday guys-and maybe you later in the week Eric

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #7

Awesome guys. Let’s lock it in at 10am EST Sunday then. That’s 10am New York time.

Since there is currently no in-game communication, here’s what I propose - first couple laps easy to get warmed up. That will get us about 20 minutes in. 3rd, 4th and 5th laps let’s go at it a bit on the sprint segments. We can sort of regroup and ride easy in between the segments.

Then afterward 5 laps everyone sort of does what they feel like. If you still feel like hitting a sprint segment, go for it.

Obviously anyone can do what they feel whenever they like. If you don’t feel like mixing it up in the sprints no sweat. Just Ride On as they say here.

As I understand it, the sprint segments are sort of like Strava anyway. It doesn’t matter who gets to the finish line first, it’s who completes the segment in the fastest time.

I’m in for 60-90 minutes, perhaps more.

Even if you only have 15min, stop in. It would be cool to see how many people we can get on the system at once.

It would also be cool if all the Strava users posted their ride to Strava. Strava will link us all together showing who all did the ride.

If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend logging in and testing your equipment prior to Sunday.

Looking forward to it!


(anon46748293) #8

I’ll try to make it on Sunday but no promise

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #9

Just an FYI, Sunday is daylight savings time change. I don’t know how that affects the rest of the world but in the US clocks will be set back 1 hour.

Our ride is at 10AM EST (New York time), so if you plan to join just make sure you are matching up to the correct time.

(S Schofield) #10

OK, so that’s 3pm GMT. We moved the hour back a week earlier.

(Eric Min) #11

Won’t make it this weekend but count me in for next weekend!

(S Schofield) #12

I am in for this ride, but after a tough week and a hard ride outside yesterday, I will be in recovery mode.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #13

I was a little late logging in due to computer glitch but a couple of us are on waiting for the rest of you!

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #14

I was on for the first half hour and I just want to let those who passed me know that I did say “Good Job!” on your way by. :slight_smile:

(S Schofield) #15

That was fun. Is this the right place to feedback on the technical experience?

(Scott) #16

That was a lot of fun guys. Thanks for organizing Greg! Simon you were going quite well for a “recovery ride”. I’d hate to see your game face.

@Simon - feel free to leave technical feedback Beta Feedback.

(S Schofield) #17

hahaha! the merest sniff of competition and m legs were suddenly transformed. really enjoyed that Scott. would be great to fix up a longer race, over a few laps?

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #18

Well in true Sunday ride leader fashion I was about 5 min late for the ride start this morning. My PC decided that NOW was the time to install a bunch of updates during start up. Then it booted me off after lap and restarted!

Once I got on I had a great time. I saw anywhere from about 2-6 people on. I didn’t get to ride with everyone.

Simon, you were moving along pretty well for a “recovery” ride.

Scott Barger and I had a really good go at the orange jersey sprint. He took 3 out of 4 head to head. Just nipped me on the line in the first two before I was able to steal the jersey for one lap. He took it back on the next lap but at least I forced him to put up a segment best effort!

Really enjoying these rides. The time truly does fly by.

(S Schofield) #19

Thanks for organising Greg. Really enjoyed that. My legs perked up once 'I smelled a bit of competition!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #20

Any interest in trying this again? Maybe 830AM EST Saturday. Kind of late notice I know but it’s been a busy week! EST is New York time.