Thursday night hammerfest -- 7:00 pm EST?

I want to propose a race this evening. If it works well and is attended by more than one or two folks, maybe we can make it a regular thing? I posted this in the “when are you riding?” thread, but figured I’d post separately so that more folks might see it.

Proposed format:

–Log in a minute or two before 7:00 pm EST (choose the “just ride” option so we’re all dropped in at the same point)

–1 lap “neutral roll out” to get a bit warmed up. Everyone rides together at a reasonable pace. No attacking or riding too fast!

–race starts once we start lap 2, lasts for an additional 5 laps.

So, we would do a total of 6 laps – 1 “neutral” and 5 more in race-mode.

Anyone interested? If so – see you tonight at 7. If you have suggestions for a different format, please post them!

Just got my zwift invite today, too late for me to jump on tonight but would be up for next week.

I love it but I’ll be a morning (ET) racer. +1 for 6am races. On a related note, as for the mechanics I think it might make the most sense to have a start time and full-on race, letting people handle warmups themselves. That way everyone can warm up and then sit idle 20m before the start line, and at 6am it is game ON.

The problem with trying to have a race is that anyone can jump in at any time. I guess maybe you should take note of who starts.

To anyone who showed up for this – sorry for my absence. I was logged on at 7, but for some reason I couldn’t see anyone else on course…

Hey Andrew - I had that same problem last night. Did you see any AIs? Was G.Master in your rider list?

I was on tonight and saw you login. You were in my rider list, although we were on opposite sides of the course. and never crossed paths. I wasn’t interested in doing the race, just wanted some good steady riding.