Hey guys. Last weekend our group raised nearly £800 on Justgiving for a struggling local Hospice. The brief was simple. At a time to suit each rider, they took on at least one Ride to Sky (Alpe d’Huez). It was a kind of Alpe d’HuZes but not 6 obligatoire ascents. The key to getting 7 people on this first event was letting them do it in their own time and at a time to suit them in their busy lives. A 24hr/same date, slot to maintain impact and allow flexibility worked well. We’d like to tackle Ventoux next and we’ve set a date but ‘France’ isn’t always available and Zwift say they can’t schedule it for us on 6th February. Please help me to persuade them of this and allow a group ride (which can use France) but let riders start and finish at any time they wish, that day.

Great idea, Gareth. I would love to take part!!

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Let’s see if Zwift can pull this off Callum

What a wonderful notion :clap:! This is something that I’d love to take part in! Keep me informed Gareth. Hopefully with enough interest from other fellow Zwifters, the powers will be able to ensure they keep light switch on in France that day!

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Thanks stephen. Fingers crossed eh

Could you set up a series of group rides throughout the day?

So. I ask each person what time they’re riding. Set up a group of me and that person at their time of choice? If two people say they want to start at 8am I can add them to the same ride yes?

Yeah that would work or you could just set up rides at half hour intervals throughout the day and invite everyone to all of them and they can just join the one they want to no need to join them all.

Liking it even better. You can still ride on your own if necessary ? Yeah. Like it

In case you’re thinking of meetups – I saw that Zwift limits a user’s creating those to three per day.

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Ahhh. Ok. Thanks