Anybody want to do Road to Sky attempts on Saturdays or Sundays?

This isn’t really a race, but it’s not really an event (at least not yet), but it is about going unpleasantly fast, so I thought this might be the most appropriate audience.

I want to get the hour up Alpe badge. I’m a long way off at 1:12, but I haven’t really trained for such efforts and I haven’t even really made an attempt yet. I figure I will give it a go after the Randonneuring season (I officially have it on my race calendar for Feb 4, 2023), but I keep riding up the Alpe on my training rides to try to get the wheels at the top, so it is still top of mind. I could jump in on a Saturday or Sunday and give it a go, but I’ve got some time to plan it out.

In any case, I looked at ZwiftPower Events and all of the group rides on Road to Sky are Wednesday through Friday. Only one of them allows full draft anyway, so I’m not sure how much that would help.

I am in US Central time and generally ride in the morning, though I’d be ok riding through early afternoon. I wouldn’t want to do it any later because it will likely mess with my sleep.


Every day at 5:55 London time there is a group [ACG] that departs Road to Sky starting point. They sometimes do fast times, but usually focus on 2-3 laps at 58 minutes each lap. If fast, it’s usually 45-47 minutes up ADZ, which will be close to 1 hour for the whole route.

Before the crash I’ve done under 1 hour with that group a number of times.

This isn’t an event, it’s just join at the right time and ride, no double drafting or any of that.

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Want a Pace Parter to do the climb in 59 minutes?


How about a race to motivate you to get the most out of yourself? There’ll almost certainly be other riders around you to draft, too, whatever pace you’re going at. The 3R events start all categories together and usually get a good-sized field.

is double drafting what Zwift Power calls “Full Draft”? If so, then I might edit might post about that. I was thinking the other events didn’t have draft. I don’t do a lot of events/races, so I’m not sure what the standard is. Although, actually, I’ve done the BMTR century, I should go look at that…

UPDATE: BMTR does use “Full Draft” so I think that’s what I want, but I still am curious about “Full Draft” vs “Double Draft”

UPDATE2: I see that Zwift Power has a Double Draft that is not Full Draft, and there is also a No Draft…so, um, what is normal draft if not “full”???

Or…uhmmm…90 minutes?

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I remember the time when Amelia accidentally went up AdZ. :slight_smile: I dropped her by a long way.

Could you do a pace partner and Route for that? Not that I’m going to need it but I guess it will need a route that forms a full lap.

Maybe a new road that goes down the other side of ADZ then loops back around to go back up? :wink:

Could potentially do a group ride led by a Pace Partner.


Full Draft = Double Draft = more like IRL.
Normal draft is used in Free Ride and most of the events.
No Draft is used in Time Trial events.