Alpe Du Zwift - Ride Under Your Age Challenge

The first goal I set in Zwift was to get up the Alpe in under 60 minutes. It took me a few months but I did it and in the year since my time has been getting better and better. When my summit time went under 55 minutes, I started to think about this possibility:

Can I get up Alpe du Zwift in fewer minutes than I am old?

I turned 52 earlier this week and figured this weekend would be the perfect time to take a shot at it with the extra minute of buffer I gained on my birthday . . . finally a bonus for getting older :joy:

I normally make racing content for the Zwift Racing series but there’s a video of the attempt on my YouTube channel (Emberos Endurance - Alpe Du Zwift - Ride Under Your Age Challenge). Probably no one will watch the whole thing (or even part of it) but I chapter marked it if you have any interest and want the highlights or just to jump to the end :sweat_smile:

Whether you watch the video or not, think about giving the challenge a shot. The time vs age aspect probably makes it easier for older folks to accomplish than younger but, if you’ve already gone up the Alpe under 60 minutes and you’re looking for another carrot to chase . . . this one takes some work.

It’s a good thing you’re not only 20yrs old :grinning:


A 20 year old could totally do it . . .

I believe I can fly . . . I believe I can touch the sky . . . :sweat_smile:

Dude, I’d be ecstatic if I finished AdZ in under twice my age.

I’m 48.

I’m 54 and my PR is 56:31. I’m dangerously close to being tempted to take this on.

Maybe in 3 years’ time.

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That wait a year strategy is kind of what I did . . .

I definitely had the thought earlier this year . . . I could get more fit . . . ooooor I could just get a year older :sweat_smile:

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I tried this back in March, a few weeks before I turned 53. Stopped the clock at 50:13.
I want to do a sub-49 minute ascent right before or on my 54th b-day (age minus 5 min).