How do I ride Alpe du Zwift?

It says to find a group but I can’t figure out what group is doing it.And then ride with a friend but I don’t have Zwift friends. So how do I do this ride on my own?Is it even possible?

Jump on to Zwifthacks events listing and using the filter, you can find all events that include the route. Note that AdZ is included in the Road to Sky which is the shortest way to get there. Zwiftpower can also filter on routes.

Here’s a snip from a search I just did:

EDIT: you need to be level 6 to ride it on your own. I like doing it as a race or group ride - usually pretty entertaining that ride.

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Thanks. I’m level 21. I don’t know how you got there. I went to Zwift Hacks and entered Road to Sky but got everything but…

BTW. I checked again. I don’t know how to get to that route from the game. How do I find it?

Why not simply choose the route “Road to Sky” in the start menu?

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If you start riding the Road to Sky route then you’ll find (as with most routes) there’s a lead-in. You go up over a ridge and then down towards the jungle. There’s a little bit of jungle and then it will automatically turn you right (don’t make any manual turns yourself) through a glowing green barrier on to the Alpe du Zwift itself. You’ll find there are always people riding it.


Thank you. I’ll have to check this out. When I’ve chosen a world, I haven’t noticed Road to Sky as a choice. I’ll look carefully…

You have to choose “Watopia”, if you want to ride Road to Sky (Alpe du Zwift).

It’s always available. In the start menu at the very top left.

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Thanks. I knew it was in Watopia but never noticed in the route choices. Appreciate the help. Riding it today. I may ride with Revo Athena today

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I need to ride it a few times in order to gain more elevation gains on the Everest Challenge in order to get the Tron bike. I’m at 56,257 ft, and I need another 107,785 ft to go. So I’m 34% there so far. That means 32 more AdZ rides!!! I have to two Pretzel routes to do as well (total 13,179 ft), but it looks like a few more climbs of AdZ yet!! I joined the DIRT team today and climbed it. If you ‘friend’ them, they may ask you to meet at future team climbs. There is another one at 17:00 hrs on the 30th Dec. if you are interested?

LOL. I’m about at the same mileage as you to get the Everest Challenge. I missed my ADZ ride today so may do part of it alone. Is the Dirt ride a race as I can’t do that. I ride up very very slowly! How do you friend them? And Dec 20 works. Is that EST?

The DIRT team do race, but you don’t have to give it wellie! If you agree to pace it to suit yourself and whoever you team up with, then that is fine. I’m to old for racing, but it does help if you team up, rather than go it alone. you find them in Events on the companion app, or when you first log in the Zwift normally. DIRT = Dads Inside Riding Trainers. But anyone can ride! It is actually Dec 30. I think it is local time in UK - not EST.

Like most serious climbing (real or virtual), it’s about find your own pace. Going with others doesn’t really work, unless they deliberately pace you, as the drafting effect is much lower.

The Alpe in particular doesn’t do anything really startling in terms of gradient changes. So spend the first 2 segments finding a gear you think you can hold for a long duration and plug away.

Have a good ride.

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Thanks All. I just did the ride. Felt much easier than the last time 18 months ago where I didn’t complete it. I slipped into my small chain ring at turn 10 more to pace myself and ensure I could finish. It was impossible to find anyone to ride up with. Either they passed me or I passed them. Took just over 90 minutes. Slow! 4mph. But felt good to complete it. I did it with Revo Climbers. Didn’t ride down the whole way. I’ll check out Dirt.


Keep going up AdZ, not only for the Everest Challenge and TRON bike, but also for the AdZ related badges:

5x AdZ - Avid Climber
25x AdZ - Masoch1st (haha… word is censored, hence the number substitution)
< 1hr AdZ - Liftoff (hidden badge iirc)


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Got the Avid Climber. Have climbed AdZ 10 times so far, and am at 49% (80,389 ft). Currently need to climb it nearly 27 more times for the Tron bike!! Pity I didn’t default this challenge as the first one when I started going through the routes, as it was the latter ones with the greater elevation gains that helped. Had I known about this in the beginning, I could have been chipping away at increasing the climbed height at an earlier occasion!
Oh well, never mind! Will have to look forward to a lot more AdZ climbs yet!!!

AdZ everyday and twice on Sunday :grin:

Haven’t managed < 1 hr for AdZ yet!! Don’t think I will either!! Not that I even want to! I’ll leave that to the athletes and fitness fanatics!! :wink:
Good advice to continue going up AdZ. Also, good advice to change to a different challenge on the down-hill leg (California or Italy) if not already complete. Pointless wasting unnecessary distance going down AdZ when the sole intention is to acquire elevation gains for the badge or the Tron bike by going up it!! The down-hill sections are best contributing elsewhere. Don’t forget to change back to the Everest challenge on subsequent AdZ climbs though!! :biking_man: :biking_woman: :rofl:

I did the Challenges one after another. I never thought about changing for the downhill. Most of my AdZ efforts ended at the top. I didn’t have time (early morning before work) to go back down.

Keep at it, you’ll get there :ride_on:

It’s all downhill so you can let your avatar do the descending while you are in the shower… (Unlike Ventoux where there is an annoying little climb with maybe 1/3 to go of the descent.)

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