Where can I find the Alpe d'huez route?

Where can I find the Alpe d’huez route?

Its included in Road to Sky for example.

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6 routes contain Alpe du Zwift. Make sure you are searching for correct name when looking for it in Zwift or any online search.

You might regret you asked… :grin:

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Four Horsemen. :wink:

Have fun with that - you get to most of the hills in Zwift.

But Road to Sky is simplest.

If you are online at around 6:30am time (London) then there is a fairly regular group that rides up there, some of them have done over 400 ADZ laps. :wink:

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Make sure you have your Challenge set to the Everest Challenge so that all that lovely altitude gained can count towards unlocking the Tron bike.

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Crazy :wink::grin:


Thanks for your reply. Just drove the 18.1 km 1:19