Alpe D’Huez & The Marmotte

Hello… I’m new to Zwift, is there a way to search if Alpe D’Huez or other climbs in The a Marmotte Gran Fondo are on Zwift pls? Thx Jane

Hi Jane,

Alpe D’ Huez is in Zwift. You can check the routes before riding in game, best to compare them by elevation if the other climbs are not on Zwift though so you can somehow mimic them virtually.

Hope this helps.

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The Alpe du Zwift is in the Watopia world. It mimics Alpe d’Huez. In Zwift, you need to be Level 6 now to ride it solo, or you can join an event or friend to ride it.

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Only Alpe d’Huez is available in Zwift, called Alpe du Zwift. No Glandon, no Telegraphe, no Galibier. Shortest route to get to Alpe is Road to Sky. To replicate La Marmotte you just need to do Alpe 5 times :smiley: - it will get you slightly shorter distance (134 km), but a bit more climbing (5,216 m). And half vEveresting ticked off too!

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