No alpe d'huez


I don’t have alpe d’huez in my zwift ? do i have to do something to have it?

There’s two routes, Road To Sky and Tour Of Fire And Ice in the Watopia map.

There used to be a minimum rider level of 6 to get through the barrier at the bottom of Alpe Du Zwift.

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Jungle / Alpe are both level locked. Think you need to be level 6 to access. Pretty sure you can join an event on road to sky route to access without any restrictions.

I’m level 17

Look for Alpe Du Zwift rather than Alpe D’Huez.

As discussed there are a few routes that’ll take you there, the quickest is Road To Sky. You can free ride to it via the jungle also.

Good luck.

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I free rode through the red barrier and did the Alpe when I was level 2 or 3, back in Sept. Red barrier was red and still there, but didn’t do anything.

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They removed the level lock during the earlier part of the pandemic, and I don’t think they’ve put it back.