No shortcut to the Alpe du Zwift start now?

I wanted to do the Alpe du Zwift route this morning, which I have been reaching by selecting the Jungle Route and then turning right after 5 kilometers. This morning, Zwift did not offer me the option of turning at the entrance of the Alpe du Zwift, so I did the complete Jungle Route. On reaching the entrance to the Alpe du Zwift again, I was then given the opportunity to turn for that route. I’m not a strong cyclist, so the 27-minute “warmup” on the Jungle Route did me no favors. Was this just a glitch, or is this “shortcut” no longer available?

Hi Greg,
you have two routes to choose from that will take you automatically to the top of the Alp du Zwift.
The first one: Road to Sky - by choosing it you will not be required to make any manual turns, the route to the top will be made automatically. About 19.9 km long.
Second one: Tour of fire and ICE - this one is about 5 km longer then the first and starts at Volcano mountain. About 25 km long.
There is also a third option, but have no idea how to choose it from the routes: Four Horsemen - I’ve made this route during the event, but never found it between the routes to choose in Watopia. About 89 km long.

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If you miss a turn that you intended to take, you should be able to make a u-turn after passing the intersection and try again to take the turn.


Yes, I made a U-turn, but Zwift didn’t allow me to turn into the Alpe route from the other direction either.

That’s odd. I use the jungle route as my starting point for adz also, but have always been able to make the turn.

Has this happened to you more than once or could it have been one-off glitch?

Also, with regard to u-turns for missed turns, i have found that i need to go farther beyond the intersection than expected in order to get the turn selection to pop up.

This is the first time it has happened, but it happened twice in a row … once from each direction. It worked after I did a loop of the Jungle Route, though. That’s why I was asking if this was a glitch or a feature.

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Maybe … maybe (long shot) … you made U-turn too soon … next time try to ride a little bit longer in “wrong direction” before making U-turn … then you should see “turn options”.

Maybe I’m not describing the situation adequately. I got the turn options alert each time. When I tried to invoke the option to turn, I was offered ONLY one … continue on the Jungle Route. There was NO option to turn into the Alpe route. The turn option appeared near the intersection sign in each case, as expected. The options menu appeared, as requested. The option for entering the Alpe route was missing – as in “did not appear as expected” – in the turns pop-up menu. I know how to U-turn. I know how to select a different route at an intersection. I was not offered the Alpe route option when I requested it.

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Now, got it :slight_smile: (I’m a little bit “slow” today - no sleep today - Superbowl) :wink:

But I’m afraid I have no other advice …

What is your level ?
I’m not sure but i think you need to be at less at level 12 to have access to Alpe du Zwift.

He is LVL 19, so that is not the issue.


Yes, obviously. Otherwise, how would I know there was only one option?

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Worked ok for me this morning so I’m guessing a glitch.

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It won’t show the other turn options. When it shows the straight arrow for Jungle route, you need to hit the left or right turn arrow.
(If you are in a race, there are no other options than the race course unless you hit quit.)
Are you using a keyboard or the companion app to select a turn?

Yes, I knew that. Thanks.

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Greg, I realise this is an old post and you may have already found the answer. If not, I believe there was a subtle change at some point that also caught me out for a while which may be the answer to your issue. When riding a specific course and you reach a turn, only the turn which is the one the course is following will appear, the rest are hidden. You need to either tap or double tap your screen (can’t remember which) to unhide the other turn options.